Superannuation Refunds

If you worked in Australian and earned more than $450 per month, your employer was legally required to pay superannuation on your behalf calculated at 9.5% of your salary.

Working holiday makers and 457 visa holders who have departed Australia and no longer have a valid visa may be able to claim a superannuation refund.

Non-refundable tax is deducted from departing superannuation payments as follows from 1 July 2017:

Payment component DASP ordinary tax rate DASP Working holiday makers (WHM) tax rate
Tax free component Nil Nil
Taxable component – taxed element

Applies to taxed elements whether taken as DASP lump sum or rollover.

35% 65%
Taxable component – untaxed element

Applies to DASP lump sums. Also to roll-over amounts up to the untaxed roll-over plan cap amount.

Any part of a rollover that exceeds the untaxed roll-over plan cap amount is subject to tax under the Superannuation (Excess Untaxed Roll-over Amounts Tax) Act 2007(47%) rather than at DASP tax rates.

45% 65%

Please note that 65% tax is also applied to payments made to 457 visa holders where an individual entered the country on a working holiday visa.

Our fee for preparing a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment is €200